10 Knitting Techniques You Must Try Before You Die

10 Knitting Techniques You Must Try Before You Die

In Part 1 you were shown how to work cables without
a cable needle plus how to weave in ends as you go and
a few ways to create surface interest with deliberately
dropped stitches. In Part 2, the art of the slipped
stitch, the advantages of seamless garments and the
steek were explained. Part 3 showed three different
methods for turning a sock heel and suggested ways
to use I-cord. This time we will look at the magic of
the möbius.*
A möbius
A möbius, or moebius (this is the USA spelling) is a ring
with one continuous edge and surface. You can make
one out of paper (you may have done this at school) by
cutting a long, narrow strip of paper, turning one end
over and sticky taping the ends together. Note that a
knitted möbius is not achieved by twisting the work
at the beginning of knitting in the round. That gives
a ring with two edges instead of one continuous one,
and a 360 degree twist, not the 180 degrees required
for a möbius.
A very simple möbius can be knitted by casting on
enough stitches for the width using an invisible/
provisional cast on, working garter stitch (or any
reversible stitch) until it is the desired length, giving
the piece a 180 degree twist and grafting the stitches
together, just like you did with the strip of paper. Here’s
a simple pattern for a Möbius neck tube:
Using an invisible
or provisional caston,
cast on enough
stitches to measure
23cm (9inch). I used 2
strands of 5ply alpaca
and 5mm needles and
cast on 40st. Knit garter
stitch (knit all rows)
until work measures
44.5cm (17.5inch).
The first stitch of each
row can be slipped to
give neat edges. Slip
purlwise with yarn in front to give a smooth slipped stitch appearance, or slip
knitwise to give a small bump at the beginning of the
row. Alternatively, try an I-cord border by knitting the
row to the last 3 stitches, yarn forward, slip 3 purlwise,
turn, and repeat.
When you reach 44.5cm (17.5inch), give one end a 180
degree twist and graft the two ends together.
A möbius can also be knitted around in the other
direction, employing a nifty cast on using a circular
needle. You’ll need an extra long circular needle,
minimum of 80cm but 1m (31-40inch) or longer is
better, because the möbius is knitted with the circular
needle coiled around.
Möbius cast-on:
You can watch Cat Bordhi give a demonstration of her
möbius cast-on via youtube at: http://www.youtube.
Or a tutorial which takes you through the process of casting
on and working the first row of a möbius via youtube at:
The casting on technique is similar to invisible casting
on, except that (where) the circular needle’s cable is
used instead of a strand of waste yarn.


1. Make a slip knot and slide it onto the cable part
of the circular needle. With your right hand, hold
together the slip knot, one needle and a loop of the
circular needle’s cable, letting the other end of the
needle dangle down. With your left hand, hold the
yarn and the loop of the circular needle.
2. Take the needle towards you, under the cable, and
pick up the yarn to form a stitch.



3. Then, take the needle above the cable and behind
the yarn to make the next stitch.
Alternate these two, ducking under the cable and then
over. The needle and the cable will become fused
together by the stitches.


Count only the stitches on the needle, not the cable.



Check that the two loops of cable are parallel except for
one spot where the needle and cable should cross. This
gives the half twist the möbius needs.



When you have finished casting on the number of
stitches you need, spread the stitches around the cable
and lay it flat on a table.


Put a stitch marker on the needle to denote the
beginning and end of the row.
Begin knitting the stitches; you’ll start with the slip knot.
You’ll notice that the stitches alternate sitting different
ways on the needle, but knit them all in the same way,
inserting the needle through the middle. This is when
you’ll have trouble if the cable needle you’re using is too
short, but if you can manage for the first few rows it will
get easier.


The cast on will run through the centre of the möbius,
and every round worked will add a row to each side
of the cast on. If you knit every round, out of one side
of the cast on will grow stocking stitch, and out of the
other reverse stocking stitch. If you alternate knit and
purl rounds, you’ll have a garter stitch möbius.


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