2022 Summer-Spring Bag Trend

2022 Summer-Spring Bag Trend

Fashion is like an outlet where I can be creative and express myself in the way I want, depending on the mood, the weather, and the situation. Not only the trendy fashion styles to complete yourself, but also becoming the real you when you 'embrace your own style'. And I think 'fashion is one of the ways to become yourself', expressed as 'true mine'.


The Spring-Summer 2022 handbag features a mix of old classic designs that have been in vogue for decades, along with new and unusual options for those who like to experiment with different fashions. You will see a selection of various bags such as knitting bags and net bags everywhere, and you will likely prefer practical bags such as cell phone bags and bottle holders that fit the new lifestyle of a short trip to the house.


A small bag is now a runway staple, as all you need to carry is a mask and a couple of bills and you can be cool on your own. From small bags such as jewellery to classic-style miniature handbags, numerous small handbags have become a staple in multi-bag styling.


The gigantic oversized bag is a design that expresses the illusion of travel or volume that exceeds the standard, and it has been suggested to design an oversized tote bag with a round cushion, or a bag that stands out with a mix of colorful colors and patches.

I think there's something interesting about this unusually geometric bag. It's more interesting than a normal flap bag, but it's like a bag with a certain level of sophistication and maturity. The square bag, which perfectly combines the rustic atmosphere with the unusual square design, is also interesting and flat, and the shape of the geometric bag on each facing also adds to the fun.

Most of you will already have a nice shopping tote bag, but I think it could be fresh if you have a new shopping tote bag in your spring/summer 2021 handbags. We've designed many designs of shopper tote bags, either with the same durable patterned fabric as the collection's garments for a bohemian touch, or with a woven rope-like fabric that's practical yet stylish and playful.

Whether you're looking for security like loss, ease of access, or a desire for a minimal single-purpose, cell phone bag is a must-have item in the Spring/Summer 2021 fashion trends. From the sweet and classic phone bag to the cross-body chain phone bag with a small handle, you can express yourself in various angles.

The egg-shaped handbags are fun because they are a bit quirky and very romantic. The bag is made of hard material with a woven finish, covered with a bejeweled net, and fresh straw-like material like an unusual egg-shaped basket.

Folding totes seem to have more appeal than the specific bag they carry. For example, the gigantic dot bag covered in a softly foldable bohemian print, and the simple design made of soft leather that can be easily carried by hand are attractive.

There isn't much use for a picnic basket in real life, but the straw bag is reminiscent of an old school picnic bag. It combines a refined straw design by having a rustic base with traditional leather flaps. The bag has a cylindrical shape that adds a variety of fun depending on the material, and introduces a variety of designs that add durability.


Crochet and woven bags go well with cozy spring crochet and knits, so I think they'll be a good fit for the spring-summer 2021 bag trend. Rather than the typical texture a handbag can have, especially considering the design combined with it, you might encounter a large, tightly woven plush handbag and a crochet bag adorned with lovely pearl accents.

The top zip bag has a more casual and masculine feel, but at the same time the silhouette seems to be a reminder of all sorts of practical things like a modern lunch bag or a sturdy travel toiletries bag. A lovely lime green bag with a zip top and a luxurious crystal buckle give it a luxurious look.

What to match with a net dress? The collection features a hammock bag that perfectly fits the story of the intricate seas and oceans. As for the bag, a handbag made of plastic-like material along with a bejeweled connector adds a bohemian vibe.

Pearls seem to be considered the prettiest bag decorations in a variety of collections. A small ornament with a pearl string hanging from the bag, sometimes combined with other chains or pendants, to create a delicate and lovely pearl-embellished bag will make your fashion even more dazzling.

I think one of the most unique spring/summer 2022 bag trends will be the scarf bag. You'll be able to DIY your own at home to create a very versatile and creative bag. The handbag decoration of the large scarf adds a dramatic tone, and the delicate little bag is mysteriously adorned with a partially transparent scarf, making it one of the most memorable bag styles of the season.

Following in the footsteps of luxury shopping totes, bottle holder bags have also become a necessity. All sorts of SS bag trends for 2021 are fun, but the bottle holder bag with its cool, eco-friendly design is especially fun. This season, it can be functional by attaching a bottle holder to the belt or adding the tactical convenience of strapping it to the side of the leg, while the chic level of a handbag can be replaced with an elegant accessory.


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