Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends
Some people think that knitting y is just for the long winter / evenings: not true! There are ^ a plethora of light and lacy knitting patterns that can be made at any time during the year - all with different looks.
Most dedicated knitters start thinking about their next project even whilst knitting the current one. By keeping up with trends, colours, styles and yarns you can knit for almost any season - in any season.

Season’s Colours
This season colours to work with go from the starkness of black and white monochrome, changing to bright exotics and on to the serene, sugary pastels. These colours are an eclectic mix that you can use to create a collection of knits to suit you or your family’s tastes and colouring.
Check out these colours from your local yarn store:
• Black and white
• Olive
• Purple
• Salmon
• Orange
• Strawberry red
• Poppy coral
• Hot cyclamen
• Aurora yellow
• Fresh green
• Grey
• Pastel pinks, mauves, blues

Most people have favourite colours
they like to wear, however colours can
flatter or detract from your complexion.
Think about this if you are:
• A brunette with a fair skin tone - go for contrast colours
• A fair blonde - go for colours that are close to each other in undertone
• Blondes that have that pale look need to go for stronger and more intense colours including their lipstick and bronzer and of course sweaters
• Those who have darker complexions usually still look good in spring and can utilise most colours

Planning Your Next Knitted Project
Before you start getting all excited about a new yarn you have spied
in your local yarn shop and you are trying to decide what to make with it - have a think about your present stash of yarn. Most people need a little ‘push’ to organise this area. Start off with going through what you have and then get rid of what you don’t need; this simple routine will probably mean that you will end up holding off buying that new yarn as you discover beautiful yarn secreted away in your stash that you had forgotten. Yes it is difficult - however no one wants yarn to take over the house!
Ok - now you have got your yarn stash organised where to go from here? This season sees many lacy patterns in favour - giving a breezy sea foam impression in the sugary pastels. Eyelets, openwork, feature drop stitches and delicate mesh designs are the go. The lace and mesh patterns are dramatised by contrasting with a block or panel of stocking stitch. Ongoing with these designs and colours is the tendency by designers to use the ‘drape’ look in knitwear.
Tom Scott and Anna Sui stand out with this look.
The 1 950’s saw the popularity of the decorative collar. These are back. Collars knit up quickly, use little yarn and are a fashion feature this year - they are easy to make and will change the look of any outfit.
In contrast, stark black and white yarns can be utilised to create knits that are bold and graphically novel. Fashion House ‘Balmain’ struts simple
black turtlenecks on the catwalk this year, as does designer Stella McCartney. These turtlenecks although in bold black, will still look feminine when teamed with short dresses.
Black always looks crisp and striking. This monochrome look links in the 1960’s ‘New Mod’ theme. Remember Mary Quant? Louis Vuitton’s version of this turtleneck trend chooses very rich shades of olive, purple, salmon and orange which is in direct contrast to other designers.

Make A Statement!
The motif style of the previous season is still around, however added to this style are contrasting colour panels, flower patterns and if you are brave enough. Space Invader designs!
Cable knits are again popular even though they vary from chunky (to keep you cosy and warm) for the cooler weather to the finer and lighter styles (to show more skin) that lead in to warmer temperatures. Layering
seems to keep on the fashion board no matter what the season is - this is still true. A cabled panel will make a statement.
For those of you that like sleeveless versions, this is fine; take a look at what’s on offer from Fendi and Bora Aksu. Sleeveless versions are great for layering and of course knit up quicker.
The retro looks of previous seasons are still with us and include a peep at the Rockabilly 1950’s and  960’s. Colours for this style can be bright - yet balanced by the pastels. The neat, little cardigan makes a return with a flourish, especially those that button up to the neck and are in a fine knit, with the length of sleeves going from full to three quarter. As the weather gets warmer the ‘boat neck’ will come to the fore. Classic stripes are around - yet updated with contrasting yarns, different gauges and unexpected colour combinations.
The influence of the 1960’s can been seen with flowers of all shapes and sizes incorporated into any knitwear item. These flowers can be knitted or crocheted and can be incorporated into the pattern of the garment or as an addition in the form of a collar, brooch or headband.
The 1 950’s trend bases its foundations on cardigans and tunics featuring sheer knits, mesh, ladder and
crochet. Louisa Harding is the designer to look out for if you want to stitch or knit decorative collars, which are so reminiscent of this era.

Exciting Yarns To Use
Lotus Yarns - always a treat, this season sees cashmere, bamboo, silk, domesticated mink and even yak yarns to work with, whilst Lana Grossa yarns create some pep with clear bright colours and many interesting shades to entice. Other yarns to look out for include the wonderful Australian Merino wool noted for its incredible fineness, softness and lightness:
• Wool mixed with mohair or silk
• Wool mixed with cotton or linen
• Wool mixed with hemp
• Wool is such an amazing natural fibre, which has breathability: wool can absorb moisture and move it
away from the skin. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer and even has UV protection and is fire resistant.
Finally, Meg Swansen has reborn the art of the ‘Turkish’ cast on. This is an invisible way to cast on and cast off. Check it out and have a go! Other inspiring knitters to look out for include, Deborah Newton and Adrienne Sloane. Hope that you now have some great ideas for you next project - I’m off to knit some vintage style socks! ■

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