Free Knitted Earring Patterns

Free Knitted Earring Patterns

I love to make knitted jewelry and knitted earring patterns are quick and easy to make. These make really unique gifts for any friends who love to knit too. With many you can use scrap yarn or add beads and other embellishments for a fantastic look. Here are some terrific knitted earrings that you can make in a hour or so.

I recently did a blog posting on Harry Potter knitting patterns and found this pattern for knitted earrings which I thought was so cute, I made it today’s


Knitted Harry Potter earrings

featured pattern. These Harry Potter House Scarf Earring Patterns are made of #5 perle cotton and size 0 needles, in the house colors of your choice, and they wouldn’t take long to make for any of your Harry Potter obsessed friends.

Here is a cute lacy knitted earring pattern from Wooly Mammoth Knits. You can vary your yarn and needle size on these for a different look each time.

These knitted earrings from Knitty are made with wire and are very elegant looking. I can promise you, once you get into knitting with wire or making jewelry with wire, you quickly become fascinated with the possibilities. These silver wire knitted Chandelier Earrings earrings are from Stitch Diva and show how beads can be added for a beautiful effect.


Coralie knitted earrings by Sarah Punderson

Sarah Punderson posted these Coralie earrings on Knitty, which have beads and their look is reminiscent of the coral for which they are named. This is a really nice technique and the earrings are fabulous. You’ll want them in every color.

Helena Callum offers these Squarish Earrings, also an earring pattern with beads. They are knitted with Habu Textiles A-20 Silk Stainless Steel Yarn, a product that is knew since my beaded jewelry making days. I found various colors of this, yarn, which is silk wrapped around stainless steel wire, on Paradise Fibers. I’d like to get some of it soon and try my hand at knitted jewelry made with this blend of silk and stainless steel. It would really help the finished piece hold it’s shape.

These pretty wire earrings are available on Ravelry and look like gold leaves. Very elegant! The pattern is called “Winging It” by Emma Jaegar.Another knitted leaf pattern earring on Ravelry, but made with yarn this time, is  by Bonnie Sennett, called Mountain Laurel Leaf. These would be pretty in oranges and browns as fall leaves. Bonnie also shows a variation of this pattern creating a necklace with leaves, which is beautiful.

As long as you’re creating knitted earring patterns, you might want to also knit this unique earring board to hang them on. It’s on Ravelry too, which requires a sign in, but it’s all free. This would make a nice gift for a friend who can’t find her earrings in her overcrowded and messy jewelry box!

I also found this great book on Amazon about knitting and crocheting with wire if you’d like to learn more. Elements of Style: Knit & Crochet Jewelry with Wire, Fiber, Felt & Beads. The knitted and crocheted jewelry pieces are stunning!

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