Knitting With Beads Through a Stitch

Knitting With Beads Through a Stitch


Kniitting with beads trough a stitch is often referred to as beaded knitting. Beads are pre-stning onto the working yam and are actually slipped into a stitch. You can “knit" the bead through as you are knitting a stitch or “purl" the bead through as you are purling a stitch.
Occasionally a bead will liave a mind of its owm and want to slide down the “leg" of the stitch, through the center of the stitch below, landing on the strand between two stitches. If that happens, gently guide it back into place. However, if it happens more than occasionally, it’s probably because
the bead is too small for the knitting.
using a bead that is a little larger, or if gauge is not critical, a smaller size needle, so the center of the stitch is a bit smaller.
From Knit With Beads Beautiful Gifts by Scarlet Taylor published by Watson-Guptill Publications.


1. With pre-stmng yarn, work across the row to the desired bead position indicated in the pattern or chart by BKl. Insert the knitting needle into the stitch to be knit as usual.




2. With the yam at the back (WS) of the work, slide one bead up to the needle, and knit both the yam and the bead through the stitch. A little nudge with the left index finger helps to push the bead through the stitch.

3. To keep the bead stable, on the following row, purl the stitch that the bead is on through the back loop, making sure the bead is on the right side of the fabric. Tip: Insert the needle into the stitch above the bead to ensure t he bead falls to the front (RS) of the work.



Sample fabric knit with beads through a knit stitch.




20 sts and 2d mds = 4 inches/iOcm
with larger needles in St st
To save time, take time to check gauge.
Special Abbreviations
BK1: Knit 1 bead through a knit st.
Ni (Needle i); N2 (Needle 2); N3 (Needles); N4 (Needle 4)
Pattern Stitches
A. Beaded K1. P1 Rib (multiple of 4 sts)
Rnd 1: *K1, pi. BK1. pi; rep from • around.
Rnd 2: *K1. pi. kl-tbl. pi; rep from * around.
Rnd 3: Rep Rnd 1.
Rnd 4: Rep Rnd 2.
Rnd 5: *BK1. pi. k1. pi; rep from * around.
Rnd 6: *K1-tbl. pi, kl. pi; rep from * around Rnd 7: Rep Rnd 5.
Rnd 8: Rep Rnd 6.
B. Circular St st Knit every rnd.
Pattern Notes
These socks are made in the rnd, meaning you are always working on

the RS. Therefore, instead of purling the beaded st tbl on the following row, you'll kl-tbl on the following rnd.
The beads are “stacked" by color in this pat; therefore, they have to be strung in reverse order. Beads for the last bead rnd of the pat are strung first, and the beads for the first bead round are strung last.
It's important to cast on loosely for a comfortable fit. use a larger needle size if necessary.
Pre-string 32 beads in this order 4th rnd of beads; Orange, red, dark blue, yellow, lavender, pink, white, light blue.
3rd rnd of beads; Same as 4th rnd. 2nd rnd of beads; Light blue, yellow, dark blue, white, red, pink, orange, lavender.
First rnd of beads; same as 2nd rnd.
Loosely cast on 32 sts.
Distribute evenly on 4 smaller dpn, join without twisting, and place marker for beg of rnd.
Work Rnds 1-8 of Beaded Ki. Pi Rib pat.
Change to larger needles, and work 3 rows in St st.
Divide for heel
Redistribute sts for heel as follows: K8, then si 8 sts from last needle of rnd to other end of first needle. There is now 1 needle with 16 sts (heel) and 2 needles with 8 sts each (instep).
Heel flap is worked back and forth in rows with instep sts reserved on dpn as placed.
Next row (WS); Purl across, turn. Row 1 (RS); *S1 1 purlwise wyib, k1; rep from * to end.
Row 2; S1 1 purlwise wyif. purl to end.
Rep Rows 1 and 2 until heel flap measures approx ivi inches from beg, ending with a WS row.
Heel turn
Row 1 (RS); K8, place marker, k2, ssk, kl,turn.
Row 2; S1 1, purl to 2 sts past marker, p2tog, pi, turn.
Row 3; S1 1. knit to 3 sts past marker, ssk. ki. turn.
Row 4; S1 1. purl to 3 sts past marker, p2tog. pi, turn.
Row 5; S1 1, knit to 4 sts past marker, ssk. turn.
Row 6; S1 1. purl to 4 sts past marker, p2tog. turn.
Last row; S1 1, knit rem 9 sts.
With RS facing, using same needle (now N1). pick up and knit 7 sts along

Side of heel flap; N2 and N3; Knit across instep sts; N4: pick up and knit 7 sts along other edge of heel flap, then with the same needle, knit 5 heel sts from Nl, ending at marker. (Nl and N4 have 12 sts each; N2 and N3 have 8 sts each; 40 sts)
Keep marker in place for beg of rnd, and work 1 rnd even.
Rnd 1 (dec rnd): Nl; knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, ki; N2 and N3: knit; N4: kl. ssk.
knit to end. (38 sts)
Rnd 2: Knit around.
[Rep Rnds 1 and 2] twice, then rep work Rnd 1 once. (32 sts, 8 sts on each needle)
Continue even until foot measures approx 4 to 4V2 inches from beg of heel turn (or 2W inches less than desired finished length), if unsure, compare piece to a sock that you own for best fit.
Rnd 1 (dec md): *N1: knit to last 3 sts, k2tog. ki; N2: kl, ssk. knit to end; rep from * across N3 and N4. (28 sts)
Rnd 2: work even.
[Rep Rnds 1 and 2] 5 times. (8 sts)
Cut yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail. Using tapestry needle, thread tail through rem sts. pull tightly and fasten off by weaving in the yarn end.
Weave in cast-on end

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