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When I see the word crochet, the first thing that comes to my mind is something that helps or assists someone in the action of walking. Yes, I know, that’s crutches and not crochet. They probably don’t sound alike but I guess that’s just me. Crochet is actually the process of using hooks called crochet hooks to create fabric from other materials by making interlocking loops. Most times the material used is yarn but other materials used could be fabric or even twine. The crochet hook has a slender body with a hook at one or both-ends. The hooks are made of wood, plastic or metal and they come in various sizes.

Knitting, though very similar to crochet, uses two or more needles to create the fabric. Knitting can also work on numerous stitches at the same time while as crochet works with only one stitch. Regardless of the process used, be it crochet or knitting, the size of the needle matters. Some of the needles or hooks are so small that you may have difficulty holding them. Others are so big that working with them for a long time can put pressure on your arms. The size of the needle or hook also determines the shape of the object that will be created.


Crochet hooks or knitting needles come in various sizes. The size of the crochet hook-is determined by-the diameter-of the shaft. The shaft, in turn, determines how big your stitches-will be. The size of the hook is also determined by other factors like brand, material and the country producing the hooks. The goal of crocheting is to make objects that are useful in some way. These could be baby blankets, afghans, bags, socks, and scarves. Crocheted objects could also be used as part of an ornament or bigger object.


Crochet objects are made of patterns created by crochet stitches. The basic crochet stitches include the chain stitch, the slip stitch, and the single crochet stitch. Other stitches are the treble crochet stitch and the triple crochet stitch. Patterns are created by a combination of stitches. There are lots of crochet stitches that can be combined to create a different shape and size. The basic patterns that can be created are stitches like the linen stitch, the granny stitch, spiked stitch, shell stitch and ripple stitch. Patterns can be found on the internet or going to a teaching class (maybe it’s time to visit that your grandma again). There you may be able to find patterns that are more intricate or out of circulation and therefore quite unique.


The same way the crochet hook size matters to the stitch formed, so too do the size of the yarn. The yarn is the most common material used for crocheting. It is sold either as a yarn ball or skeins. The yarn comes in 6 basic sizes. Size 1 is the smallest while size 6 is the largest. The size of the yarn is measured in the thickness of the yarn. The thickness will also determine the pattern or stitch you create. Yarn can be bought online or from reputable stores that have been in the business.

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